2019 Challenge

What comes to mind when you hear
“the number 7”?

Your first thoughts might include some of these: 7 dwarfs, 7 continents, 7 seas, 7 wonders of the world, 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 days of the week, lucky 7, 7 deadly sins and the list goes on and on… If you’re not inspired by these, just Google it and you will get hundreds, if not thousands, of references!
So, that’s our theme!!! Get your creative juices going and start working on an entry for the next VAQG Challenge.
Here are the Guidelines:

Size requirements  
- no smaller than an area of 100 square inches (e.g. 10” by 10” or 4” by 25”)
- no larger than an area of 400 square inches (e.g. 20” by 20” or 10” by 40”).

Color/ style/ design/ embellishments, etc. – NO restrictions

As a quilt, it needs a top and back and some kind of finishing around the edges.

The quilter’s name must be included on the back of the creation.

The theme interpretation used for the quilt must be included on a 3X5 card and pinned to the front of the quilt.

The entries are due at the January, 2019 meeting and must be in by 6:15pm.

All entries will be numbered and hung the night of the January 2019 meeting so that the membership can view and vote for their favorite

Depending on the number of entries, pieces will be judged on a number of categories and announced that same night or at the next February meeting.

There will be a special exhibit at the 2020 VAQG Quilt Show of all the Challenge entries. Participants may leave their entry with the Challenge Committee to hold until the Show; otherwise, the participants will be asked to provide their contact information so that they can be contacted before the 2020 Show.