Mystery 2013

Special Announcement

The special Mystery Show and Tell for the Mystery 2012 - 2013 will be held at the January 2014 meeting.  This late date was selected so that our Snowbirds willl be able to participate (since the final step will not be posted until March) and also so that anybody who started their Mystery later in the year will be able to participate.

I am hoping to see if we could have a special exhibit at our 2014 Quilt Show too.......

Welcome to the Third Annual Venice Area Quilter's Guild Mystery Quilt!!!

This new mystery in 8 steps is my favorite so far - I can't wait for you to see how awesome it looks (but I am going to have to!!!)

As before, I will publish hint photos of my own work starting with Step 2. Click on the Step # for the actual instructions, and the Hint # for photos.  To try Mysteries from previous years, go to the bottom of the page for links.

Have fun!!!!

Step 1 Instructions

Step 2 Instructions

Step 2 Hints

Step 3 Instructions

Step 3 Hints

Step 4 Instructions

Step 4 Hints

Step 5 Instructions

Step 5 Hints

Step 6 Instructions

Step 6 Hints

Step 7 Instructions

Step 7 Hints

Step 8 Instructions

Step 8 Hints


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